Virtual Fundraising for the 2021 Season

You fundraise and we will send your supporters their certificates.

We are now launching our NEW VIRTUAL FUNDRAISING option to allow our athletes the opportunity to use their resources.  By sharing the link to this page its now as easy as 1 2 3 to get support from family and friends no matter their location.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Fundraising?

  • Creates potential for more support
  • We handle the tracking for you
  • Digital Certificate option
  • Faster Delivery
  • Fundraiser Tracker

Basic Info

Enter basic information so we can contact you.

Athlete Information

Choose your Team and Athlete Information to receive proper credit.

Choose Fundraiser

We are offering 3 options to reach your goal (Krispy Kreme, Buyouts, and Sponsorships).

The 2021 HR Hokies Krispy Kreme Fundraiser has ended. We sincerely appreciate your support of one our student athletes. Please follow our social media pages for our next fundraiser.

Fundraising FAQs

The Krispy Kreme certificates are $10 each for a profit of $5 per certificate.  Ex. 10 certificates will cost $100 for a profit of $50.

Using the email address submitted in the online form we will digitally send the Krispy Kreme certificates to your supporter on your behalf if you have opted for that option or you can pick them up at the field when notified.

Ex.  If you sell 10 Krispy Kreme certificates.  Your profit will be $50 leaving a potential balance of $50.

  • You can use the buyout option to satisfy the remaining balance.
  • You can also have someone use the link to sponsor your athlete with a donation.  Just give them the Team Name and your athlete first Name.  If there are multiple athletes with the same name or similar first name use your first initial of your last name as well.   Ex. John D.


The amount of profit that you fundraise over the goal will be applied to your account and must be used before the conclusion of the current season.

To pay online there is a small convenience fee which is only avoidable if you turn in your funds in person.  Using our VIRTUAL FUNDRAISING OPTION helps to ensure your supporters receive their certificates in a timely fashion.

The certificates will be distributed the week of June 22 and the week of July 13th via email to ensure we meet our 25 certificate minimum per order as an organization.

Yes, we will post a turn in date in the Team Snap calendar for all those athletes choosing to turn their funds in in-person.

Note: The date will be closely aligned to the digital distribution calendar and we must have a minimum of 25 certificates ordered as an organization.

The last day to turn in funds for the Mandatory Fundraiser will be July 9th.